Top restaurant Pho in Hanoi

The Wall Street Journal jounal pressure mid-October has published a review of a foreign journalist about pho – character can not help but mention the Vietnamese culinary culture. The article is a summary of comments elaborately Noodle flavor from South to North by the author.

Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi -source: internet

These insights have been my first breakfast with pho is the first time I arrived in Hanoi – the capital’s modern classic Vietnam.
In distress because of motion sickness, I was the waitress brought out a steaming bowl of pho, the reminder: “Let’s go eat” a serious medium just courteous. And I understand that my pho just perfect in this brief moment only.
The origin of Pho is a mystery, its name may originate from the French “pot au feu” (noodle and feu are pronounced “FUH”. An alternative explanation, broth noodle dish with vows derived from Nam Dinh, and a further assumption that Pho may come from China.

Pho in Hanoi

Pho in Hanoi -source: internet

But regardless Pho originated from, the spiritual home of the Ha Noi Pho. Since the city was engulfed in northern thick dark or dawn when the sun was brilliant, many sellers have roamed around the streets on their bikes, with numerous type bamboo basket containing lemon, garlic, hot peppers are blistered on the handlebars. Hanoi people eat noodles all day, whether morning, noon or night, the still steaming noodle restaurant and shadow people.
“Pho is the special gift of Hanoi”, as the Vietnam writer Thach Lam wrote in the 1940s, and especially that he will not change that much from the old days. “Not because there is only Pho Hanoi, but because only the new pho in Hanoi is delicious”.

enjoy Pho in Hanoi

enjoy Pho in Hanoi

Of course, in the south of the country, in the modern city of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) also pho, pho here and bring a lot of difference. I realize there is a pretty fierce competition between the two Koreas pho.
Passion started with my pho in Vietnam a distant location, bang Cambridge, Mass. New Pho is known in the US in late 1990, when chef Didi Emmons opened Pho Republique shop in Central Square. My dinner there so wonderful that I have asked for a part-time job in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Food “monopoly” of Vietnam are very simple ingredients: rice noodles chan just with water, a few slices of meat presentation (usually beef) on top, decorate a little onion, vegetable prices, a lemon and sliced peppers. But bring my Noodle flavor, profound hard to describe, express is the result of painstaking preparation and fussy.


Top 3 delicious street food in Hanoi you should try


If you have come to Hanoi once, you will not be able to skip 5 wildlife dishes but contain the essence of cuisine here. Please read top  5 delicious street food in Hanoi during your Indochina travel Vietnam now.

1. Snail noodles

Walking through the streets of Hanoi is not difficult to find a noodle shop. The new level of “coverage” of this special dish. Noodles are particularly hard to mingle with any other dish. Similar to noodles, vermicelli is also a hot dish.

The small snails are carefully separated from the shells, processed in the same way with gold broth, added with bright red tomato slices, add a little green onion, bring a unique flavor that few can from.

Snail noodle

Snail noodle

2. Roll noodle

Roll noodle of Hanoi is also very famous. Other than hot noodles or noodles, Roll noodle is cold dishes. Soft noodles, smooth white rolls inside are like fried beef, herbs dots with sweet and sour sweet dip. On summer days, eating a noodle soup that is both cool and cool is not a good result.

Roll noodle

Roll noodle

3. Chả cá

Fried fish is a dish that shows full of sophistication, sophisticated in the cuisine of Hanoi. To have delicious fish dish has to go through a lot of complex stages. Normally, fish balls are made from tilapia to give the meat and delicious.

cha ca la vong

Cha ca la vong

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Top restaurant Pho in Hanoi

My Son, Hoi An travel guide

Vang Vieng- destination in Laos

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My Son, Hoi An travel guide

You can come here at any time of the year, but the best weather is from February to April. If you are in summer, you can indulge in exciting and beautiful beaches. If you want to participate in the festival of Mrs. Chiem Son, Hoi An Carnival, Nguyen Tieu Festival or the Full Moon Festival… you need to see the time to plan tourism Quang Nam accordingly. Should go on the full moon to mix into the fanciful atmosphere here. Throughout the shops, the alley is off the electricity and light lanterns, drop flowers posted on the romantic Hoai River.
Hoi An Ancient House

Hoi An Ancient House- source: internet

2. Baggage carried
Should bring clothes, shoes, bikinis, bath towels, maxi skirts to the beach, sunscreen, lotion because the weather here is often hot. Bring your passport if you want to visit the border. If you intend to camp, remember to bring tents, coats, blankets, pots multipurpose.

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3. Transportation

It should be combined with Quang Nam and Da Nang tours, as the means to Da Nang (aircraft, trains, cars) are very convenient. After visiting Da Nang, you can rent a taxi, take about 30 km to Hoi An (Quang Nam). You can also rent a motorbike to explore the landscapes here. Because Hoi An is quite small, moving by xe om is also a reasonable choice and less expensive.

My Son- the unique architecture of the old Cham people

My Son- the unique architecture of the old Cham people- source: internet

4. Staying

In Hoi An there are many hotels with reasonable prices. You can rent rooms along Cua Dai Beach to enjoy the cool breeze or near the old town.

5. Eat
In Hoi An there are many delicious dishes such as high floor, pasta, dumplings, cauldrons, chicken rice, rice paper rolls, cakes, cakes, pancakes, Apart from the street vendors you can eat in restaurants in the old town due to reasonable prices, nice view. Should have a balcony overlooking the street or Hoai River, just enjoy the food, just can admire the scenery.
6. Places of interest

Hoi An ancient town is famous and known by many tourists Quang Nam. It is recognized as a world cultural heritage with ancient, romantic and calm. Guests will have the opportunity to walk on the streets bearing ancient architecture or along the romantic Hoai River.


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Vang Vieng- destination in Laos

Vang Vieng is a small riverside town in Laos once known as central party for backpackers. Vang Vieng, 155 kilometers north of Vientiane on Luang Prabang.
Few places in Southeast Asia are so preceded by their reputation. Once known as Laos’ wildest party town.
The sunrise through the window of my hotel caught my eyes the far away mountains hidden under the cloud of forest. The house combining French architecture and traditional Lao people hidden under the coconut shine beautiful to heart. Explore with:


Vang Vieng is relaxed by day

Vang Vieng is relaxed by day- source: internet

There are mysterious caves to explore, lagoons of turquoise water to dive into and sheer cliffs to climb.
1965 marked the start of the CIA directed Secret War in Laos, which was a death toll of up to 50,000 people and ended when the Americans beat a hasty retreat after Vietnam fell to the Communists in 1975.


Laos has become a common place for backpackers in South East Asia

Laos has become a common place for backpackers in South East Asia- source: internet

Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Vang Vieng, whether you’re a party animal or a nature hound.
Having eyes already, we have to find something to give up our belly. The best option is Luang Market. The market square to the left of the Royal Palace is now the National Museum of Luang Prabang. The bustling market place sells a lot of Lao food such as grilled chicken, roasted pork, bamboo shoots and even vermicelli dishes quite similar to Vietnam.

Nestled amidst the jungles of Upper Laos and the mighty Mekong, Luang Prabang (Luang) welcomes travelers by its cool and graceful surroundings. The distance from Hanoi to the heritage city of Laos is nearly 900 km long, of which 700 km is the pass road.

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Explore the world cuisine in Vietnam

Cuisine is one of the elements that attracts international visitors to Vietnam, many of which are loved and praised.
This is one of the dishes most foreigners love to visit Vietnam. The Business Insider also considered eating noodles in Hanoi is a must try travel experience in life.In addition to delicious taste, pho is also affordable. In it, noodles are served with chanterelle soup from bone, add sliced ​​thin, served with some chili vinegar, herbs or limes depending on each person’s taste. This dish is also brought to many other countries in Vietnam. Almost every country with Vietnamese community live, you can also find a noodle shop. Indochina holidays and Vietnam
Pho Bo ngon

Pho Bo ngon

Bread: Bread is a typical example of Vietnamese cuisine. It is the blend and harmonious combination of ingredients, spices and cultures.
Bread with crispy crust, rich kernel. Anyone can find a type of bread suitable for their taste. Pasta: Former President Obama and chef Bourdain enjoy bun cha in Hanoi and praise. However, this dish has long been popular with foreign visitors to Vietnam. Bun noodle consists of noodles, grilled meat on charcoal, fried nem, served with sweet and sour fish sauce and vegetables. Salad rolls (roll nem roll): The thin rice paper rolls are wrapped outside of herbs, shrimp, meat, then dip with sweet and sour fish sauce. The southern version contains pork, blue banana, and peanut sauce. This food is rated by food experts as having a perfect balance between taste and ingredients.
Nem fried (spring rolls): rice noodles wrapped with eggs from eggs, minced meat, fennel ear, onions … then bring them crispy, sauce sauce. Banh xeo: These big, tasty buns are crispy, with shrimp, meat, eggs and eggs. The cake is wrapped in rice paper with herbs and spicy sauce.

Experience to travel Chiang Mai

banh xeo in Vietnam

banh xeo in Vietnam

Fish Sauce: This specialty of Hanoi includes crispy fried fish, soaked with sauce, served with fresh onion, dill and bun.
Rice: To Saigon, visitors can not miss the attractive pavement dishes named rice plate. Rice is cooked from rice, served with grilled ribs, egg, spaghetti, and spiced sauce.

che com

Che com

Tea: This sweet dessert has the amount of ingredients depending on the preferences of the food. You can choose green beans, black beans, jellies, fruit … with coconut milk and crushed stone, so have a glass of tea and cool cool.

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How to kayaking in Halong Bay

Halong Bay attracts thousands of visitors each month thanks to the wonderful natural beauty of Ha Long Bay – a natural wonder of the world. In addition to sailing to caves or islands, there are other ways to explore the scenery here, such as Kayak. This is an activity that is popular with many tourists because it is new, interesting. And some Kayak experience on Halong Bay junk below might be helpful for you to refer to. Kayak is a long, relatively narrow boat that can carry one person or two people. If you have experience Kayak experience, you can paddle to experience the feeling of water is quite interesting in HaLong travel. Otherwise, there will be professional boat riders and passengers just sit back and enjoy the beautiful views of the Bay.
kayaking in Halong

kayaking in Halong- source: internet

In the calm waters of Halong Bay, it is safe to go kayaking. However, there are some dangerous areas where tourists need to listen to the guides. The Kayak experience on Ha Long Bay is often a guide and is very necessary for those who are involved in this activity.
In the famous caves that visitors should visit when traveling to Halong, there are Hang Luon is to use this type of Kayak. Because of the narrow height of the cave, large boats will not enter.
Kayaking in Halong bay

Kayaking in Halong bay- source: internet

Kayak is a long, relatively narrow boat and can carry one person or two people. If you have experience Kayak experience, you can paddle to experience the feeling of water is quite interesting in Ha Long travel. Otherwise, there will be professional boat riders and passengers just sit back and enjoy the beautiful views of the Bay. In the calm waters of Halong Bay, it is safe to go kayaking. However, there are some dangerous areas where tourists need to listen to the guides. The Kayak experience on Ha Long Bay is often a guide and is very necessary for those who are involved in this activity.

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Experience to travel Chiang Mai

The beautiful temple, located on the top of the mountain, is often chosen by visitors as the first stop.  Tourists are not only impressive with the scenery, but the beautiful road leading to Doi Suthep will also satisfy the tourists who love to drive for sightseeing. Indochina tour Thailand

Chiang Mai

Woman Chiang Mai- source: internet

Chiang Mai is known as “Northern Rose” in Thailand, Chiang Mai is an indispensable destination for those who love to explore the natural beauty and want to explore the traditional culture of the aboriginal living on high mountains.  Particularly, to reach the temple, visitors have to climb up about 300 steps with the statue of snake god along the both side of the passage road to the mountain.  This traditional dish is usually served with chicken or beef, with some other spices such as chili sauce, salted cabbage and lemon.

However, the Sunday Walking Street is more popular, as it is home to jewelry shops, fashionable clothing and handicrafts.  For more years, though a lot of commercial centers have been built in the city, Chiang Mai’s lively markets still attract a large number of visitors due to its tradition and originality. One of the most impressive festivals in Chiang Mai is the Songkran Water Festival, which celebrates the Thai New Year, takes place in three official days, but can last up to five days in April each year.  Beside,  impressive festival in Chiang Mai is the Yi Peng Flower Festival, which is a “local version” of Thailand’s Loy Thakrong Lantern Festival.  The festivals in Chiang Mai are often held with a bustling atmosphere and adhere to the ancient traditions. Bringing snacks and a bottle of champagne could be a good idea. Top delicious food in Southeast Asia

Dinner in Chiang Mai

Dinner in Chiang Mai -source: internet

If the weather is favorable, the Balloon Adventure Thailand tour will depart two flights a day, each lasting approximately 90 minutes.  A mong of the most impressive festivals in Chiang Mai such as is the Songkran Water Festival, which celebrates the Thai New Year festival, takes place in three official days, however  You can last up to five days in April each year.  The best choice for visitors is the night market on Chang Klan Road, the Saturday Walking Street on Wualai Road and the Sunday Walking Street on Ratchadamnoen Road. Thailand travel packages


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Explore Mu Cang Chai in Sapa, Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai is a mountainous town of Yen Bai province in the Northern Vietnam, is about 350 km from Hanoi and 1000 meters about the sea level. It is a place of exceptional beauty and importance for the protection of the unique biodiversity found only here and for many people who live around the forest. North Vietnam packages
Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai- source: internet

Mu Cang Chai is the best place if you want to escape from the hot weather. Talking about this place, maybe the poverty and backwardness is the first thing comes to your mind. It is a place of exceptional beauty and importance for the protection of the unique biodiversity found only here and for many people who live around the forest.  The main reason makes the magical beauty of Mu Cang Chai lies in its 700 hectares of terraced rice fields. The best time to visit Mu Cang Chai is from the last 2 weeks of September until the middle of October.  All of them are harmonizing under the sunshine. This is the period of time when the rice is in full blossom and the harvest is taking place. Surrounded by mountains and hills, terraced rice fields are stretched from the tops down to the feet and overwhelmed the whole valley, making a giant colorful carpet. The feeling of passing some roads beside the vertical cliffs, to be sucked in cool wind will be in your mind forever. Setting your foot on Mu Cang Chai, it reminds you immediately about one of the Robert Frost poems. Vietnam travel tours
Mu cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai- source: internet

A drive to the top of Khau Pha will take you through a thick mountainside pine forest- a rarity in Vietnam. A mountain district off the beaten path is the home to the same stunning sceneries which were created by many terraced fields stretching down. To reach Mu Cang Chai from Tu Le, you have to pass the road which climbs from Khau  Pha Mountain- the highest mountain in Mu Cang Chai to Khau Pha pass. Khau Pha pass comes quite difficult to go. However going to the other side of the pass, the clear blue sky appears step by step.

Both the foreigners and locals are amazed at the beauty masterpiece from the shining green seasons in Mu Cang Chai terraced fields. What a unique experience! Besides exploring this land, it will be greater if you can combine your trip with charity activity. It makes your trip to Mu Cang Chai more meaningful. Highly recommended place if you want to find a nice and peaceful hostel to stay here

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