Top restaurant Pho in Hanoi

The Wall Street Journal jounal pressure mid-October has published a review of a foreign journalist about pho – character can not help but mention the Vietnamese culinary culture. The article is a summary of comments elaborately Noodle flavor from South to North by the author.

Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi -source: internet

These insights have been my first breakfast with pho is the first time I arrived in Hanoi – the capital’s modern classic Vietnam.
In distress because of motion sickness, I was the waitress brought out a steaming bowl of pho, the reminder: “Let’s go eat” a serious medium just courteous. And I understand that my pho just perfect in this brief moment only.
The origin of Pho is a mystery, its name may originate from the French “pot au feu” (noodle and feu are pronounced “FUH”. An alternative explanation, broth noodle dish with vows derived from Nam Dinh, and a further assumption that Pho may come from China.

Pho in Hanoi

Pho in Hanoi -source: internet

But regardless Pho originated from, the spiritual home of the Ha Noi Pho. Since the city was engulfed in northern thick dark or dawn when the sun was brilliant, many sellers have roamed around the streets on their bikes, with numerous type bamboo basket containing lemon, garlic, hot peppers are blistered on the handlebars. Hanoi people eat noodles all day, whether morning, noon or night, the still steaming noodle restaurant and shadow people.
“Pho is the special gift of Hanoi”, as the Vietnam writer Thach Lam wrote in the 1940s, and especially that he will not change that much from the old days. “Not because there is only Pho Hanoi, but because only the new pho in Hanoi is delicious”.

enjoy Pho in Hanoi

enjoy Pho in Hanoi

Of course, in the south of the country, in the modern city of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) also pho, pho here and bring a lot of difference. I realize there is a pretty fierce competition between the two Koreas pho.
Passion started with my pho in Vietnam a distant location, bang Cambridge, Mass. New Pho is known in the US in late 1990, when chef Didi Emmons opened Pho Republique shop in Central Square. My dinner there so wonderful that I have asked for a part-time job in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Food “monopoly” of Vietnam are very simple ingredients: rice noodles chan just with water, a few slices of meat presentation (usually beef) on top, decorate a little onion, vegetable prices, a lemon and sliced peppers. But bring my Noodle flavor, profound hard to describe, express is the result of painstaking preparation and fussy.