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Cuisine is one of the elements that attracts international visitors to Vietnam, many of which are loved and praised.
This is one of the dishes most foreigners love to visit Vietnam. The Business Insider also considered eating noodles in Hanoi is a must try travel experience in life.In addition to delicious taste, pho is also affordable. In it, noodles are served with chanterelle soup from bone, add sliced ​​thin, served with some chili vinegar, herbs or limes depending on each person’s taste. This dish is also brought to many other countries in Vietnam. Almost every country with Vietnamese community live, you can also find a noodle shop. Indochina holidays and Vietnam
Pho Bo ngon

Pho Bo ngon

Bread: Bread is a typical example of Vietnamese cuisine. It is the blend and harmonious combination of ingredients, spices and cultures.
Bread with crispy crust, rich kernel. Anyone can find a type of bread suitable for their taste. Pasta: Former President Obama and chef Bourdain enjoy bun cha in Hanoi and praise. However, this dish has long been popular with foreign visitors to Vietnam. Bun noodle consists of noodles, grilled meat on charcoal, fried nem, served with sweet and sour fish sauce and vegetables. Salad rolls (roll nem roll): The thin rice paper rolls are wrapped outside of herbs, shrimp, meat, then dip with sweet and sour fish sauce. The southern version contains pork, blue banana, and peanut sauce. This food is rated by food experts as having a perfect balance between taste and ingredients.
Nem fried (spring rolls): rice noodles wrapped with eggs from eggs, minced meat, fennel ear, onions … then bring them crispy, sauce sauce. Banh xeo: These big, tasty buns are crispy, with shrimp, meat, eggs and eggs. The cake is wrapped in rice paper with herbs and spicy sauce.

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banh xeo in Vietnam

banh xeo in Vietnam

Fish Sauce: This specialty of Hanoi includes crispy fried fish, soaked with sauce, served with fresh onion, dill and bun.
Rice: To Saigon, visitors can not miss the attractive pavement dishes named rice plate. Rice is cooked from rice, served with grilled ribs, egg, spaghetti, and spiced sauce.

che com

Che com

Tea: This sweet dessert has the amount of ingredients depending on the preferences of the food. You can choose green beans, black beans, jellies, fruit … with coconut milk and crushed stone, so have a glass of tea and cool cool.

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