How to choose a good homestay in Sapa

If you come to Sapa, let do one night at home stay of the local people, in here you will have a chance to communicate with minority and discovery their life style as well as their custom. No doubt about the lack of knowledge because we are going to help you with the best Sapa Vietnam homestay.Sapa is not only famous for it’s beauty. It is famous for the eight ethnic tribes that live in this part of the world. Travel to Sapa with: Sapa homestay tours
homestay in Sapa

homestay in Sapa

There are homestays that have made their way to Booking. While these might not be the most authentic choices you are still getting a chance to stay in a relatively traditional home only with a few more comforts. Not that there is anything wrong with that but there are many other people in Sapa who can’t afford the option of marketing their property on the Internet. Below, some best homestay  in Sapa you should know.


  1. Luxury Sapa Vietnam homestays

Different with traditional homestay, luxury homestays are equipped with the modern facilities such as Wi-Fi Internet, cable TV, electricity. All rooms are very clean and comfortable for tenants. Homestay is comfortable and clean enough with flush, tidy toilet; bedding with a mosquito net and, most importantly, hygienic food. Therefore, you can build the relationship with people living in there and share the experience to get an awesome trip. Moreover, in luxury homestays, you can live in the safe environment to avoid the fraud.

2. Red Dao homestays
Dinner will be prepared by the host and their family, so you can enjoy a beer or soft drink while waiting — drinks cost extra but shouldn’t be too pricey. Fifteen minutes later out we hopped out with smooth skin and a red face. It’s not refreshing but is good to ease those leg muscles. Next morning, expect to wake early, or wear earplugs. Breakfast will be served around 07:00 or 08:00 and there’s a high chance it’ll be pancakes. Indochina tours Vietnam

stay in homestay

stay in homestay

3. Popular Sapa Vietnam homestays

As there are several ethnic minorities in the areas surrounding Sapa’s center districts, you will have many options for homestay. We would definitely recommend including a homestay in a trek if you have the time. Popular homestays called traditional homestays which are homestays of local people and closet the local living. Different with luxury homestays. Ask your fellow travellers for recommendations and also check online.

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