My Son, Hoi An travel guide

You can come here at any time of the year, but the best weather is from February to April. If you are in summer, you can indulge in exciting and beautiful beaches. If you want to participate in the festival of Mrs. Chiem Son, Hoi An Carnival, Nguyen Tieu Festival or the Full Moon Festival… you need to see the time to plan tourism Quang Nam accordingly. Should go on the full moon to mix into the fanciful atmosphere here. Throughout the shops, the alley is off the electricity and light lanterns, drop flowers posted on the romantic Hoai River.
Hoi An Ancient House

Hoi An Ancient House- source: internet

2. Baggage carried
Should bring clothes, shoes, bikinis, bath towels, maxi skirts to the beach, sunscreen, lotion because the weather here is often hot. Bring your passport if you want to visit the border. If you intend to camp, remember to bring tents, coats, blankets, pots multipurpose.

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3. Transportation

It should be combined with Quang Nam and Da Nang tours, as the means to Da Nang (aircraft, trains, cars) are very convenient. After visiting Da Nang, you can rent a taxi, take about 30 km to Hoi An (Quang Nam). You can also rent a motorbike to explore the landscapes here. Because Hoi An is quite small, moving by xe om is also a reasonable choice and less expensive.

My Son- the unique architecture of the old Cham people

My Son- the unique architecture of the old Cham people- source: internet

4. Staying

In Hoi An there are many hotels with reasonable prices. You can rent rooms along Cua Dai Beach to enjoy the cool breeze or near the old town.

5. Eat
In Hoi An there are many delicious dishes such as high floor, pasta, dumplings, cauldrons, chicken rice, rice paper rolls, cakes, cakes, pancakes, Apart from the street vendors you can eat in restaurants in the old town due to reasonable prices, nice view. Should have a balcony overlooking the street or Hoai River, just enjoy the food, just can admire the scenery.
6. Places of interest

Hoi An ancient town is famous and known by many tourists Quang Nam. It is recognized as a world cultural heritage with ancient, romantic and calm. Guests will have the opportunity to walk on the streets bearing ancient architecture or along the romantic Hoai River.



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