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In Hanoi, you can enjoy food almost all time and even the most difficult eater can be satisfied there. I am a food lover, so discovering new food to me is a must whenever I visit a new country. If you do not believe me, maybe let’s have a look at this series about places having delicious and cheap food in Hanoi. In previous chapters, I have mentioned many tasty dishes made of 2 special noodles, bun and pho. Many of my friends are sweet teeth, so we can gather together and find new places offering wonderful dessert. Here is our best list. Vietnam travel online
Banh troi in Vietnam

Banh Troi in Vietnam -source: internet

Basically, like many Asian countries, most of Vietnamese sweeties are made of sticky rice or its powder. In previous chapters, I have mentioned many tasty dishes made of 2 special noodles, bun and pho.

On that day, people often eat Troi Cake and Chay Cake. Troi cake is a ball of sticky rice powder with palm sugar inside.

Chay Cake is similar to Troi cake, but instead of palm sugar, it is filled with mung bean or green bean paste. The sweetness from sugar, the stickiness of glutinous dough, and the rich, nutty flavor of sesame can make you eat the dish unstoppably.

Banh Troi ngu sac

Banh Troi Ngu Sac

When they are well cooked, they will be floating on the water so it also has other name which is Floating Cake. You can find those foods in many street vendors appearing in almost every corner in Hanoi. It is small but always crowded. The price range is from 15000 VND to 30000 VND per dish.  The second one is located near Ham Long Church. It takes quite a bit of time to walk from the centre to there, but if you have scooter, your iron horse will bring you there in just 10 minutes. My friends love it but I think they have too much of sugar. The second one is located near Ham Long Church.  You can find Sua Chua Nep Cam in mostly café and dessert shops, especially the ones for teenagers. In Giang Café, which is famous for egg coffee also offers this lovely food.

Hanoian loves food, generation after generation, so it is easy to understand why there are always new sweeties in this ancient city. The thing I like most is Sua Chua Nep Cam (Yoghurt with Black Sticky Rice).  Since this food provides a lot of fiber and many nutrients from dark brown (black) rice and yoghurt, I can happily and peacefully enjoy it without feeling deeply regret later.

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