Top 3 delicious street food in Hanoi you should try


If you have come to Hanoi once, you will not be able to skip 5 wildlife dishes but contain the essence of cuisine here. Please read top  5 delicious street food in Hanoi during your Indochina travel Vietnam now.

1. Snail noodles

Walking through the streets of Hanoi is not difficult to find a noodle shop. The new level of “coverage” of this special dish. Noodles are particularly hard to mingle with any other dish. Similar to noodles, vermicelli is also a hot dish.

The small snails are carefully separated from the shells, processed in the same way with gold broth, added with bright red tomato slices, add a little green onion, bring a unique flavor that few can from.

Snail noodle

Snail noodle

2. Roll noodle

Roll noodle of Hanoi is also very famous. Other than hot noodles or noodles, Roll noodle is cold dishes. Soft noodles, smooth white rolls inside are like fried beef, herbs dots with sweet and sour sweet dip. On summer days, eating a noodle soup that is both cool and cool is not a good result.

Roll noodle

Roll noodle

3. Chả cá

Fried fish is a dish that shows full of sophistication, sophisticated in the cuisine of Hanoi. To have delicious fish dish has to go through a lot of complex stages. Normally, fish balls are made from tilapia to give the meat and delicious.

cha ca la vong

Cha ca la vong

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