How to choose a good homestay in Sapa

If you come to Sapa, let do one night at home stay of the local people, in here you will have a chance to communicate with minority and discovery their life style as well as their custom. No doubt about the lack of knowledge because we are going to help you with the best Sapa Vietnam homestay.Sapa is not only famous for it’s beauty. It is famous for the eight ethnic tribes that live in this part of the world. Travel to Sapa with: Sapa homestay tours
homestay in Sapa

homestay in Sapa

There are homestays that have made their way to Booking. While these might not be the most authentic choices you are still getting a chance to stay in a relatively traditional home only with a few more comforts. Not that there is anything wrong with that but there are many other people in Sapa who can’t afford the option of marketing their property on the Internet. Below, some best homestay  in Sapa you should know.


  1. Luxury Sapa Vietnam homestays

Different with traditional homestay, luxury homestays are equipped with the modern facilities such as Wi-Fi Internet, cable TV, electricity. All rooms are very clean and comfortable for tenants. Homestay is comfortable and clean enough with flush, tidy toilet; bedding with a mosquito net and, most importantly, hygienic food. Therefore, you can build the relationship with people living in there and share the experience to get an awesome trip. Moreover, in luxury homestays, you can live in the safe environment to avoid the fraud.

2. Red Dao homestays
Dinner will be prepared by the host and their family, so you can enjoy a beer or soft drink while waiting — drinks cost extra but shouldn’t be too pricey. Fifteen minutes later out we hopped out with smooth skin and a red face. It’s not refreshing but is good to ease those leg muscles. Next morning, expect to wake early, or wear earplugs. Breakfast will be served around 07:00 or 08:00 and there’s a high chance it’ll be pancakes. Indochina tours Vietnam

stay in homestay

stay in homestay

3. Popular Sapa Vietnam homestays

As there are several ethnic minorities in the areas surrounding Sapa’s center districts, you will have many options for homestay. We would definitely recommend including a homestay in a trek if you have the time. Popular homestays called traditional homestays which are homestays of local people and closet the local living. Different with luxury homestays. Ask your fellow travellers for recommendations and also check online.

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Top delicious food in Southeast Asia

On any Asian-inspired menu, it is not difficult to find healthy options. Even though vegetable fried rice is not an exciting feature of Asian cuisine, containing of nothing more than rice, vegetables together with various other spices or sauces depending on the region, it can be a filling meal by itself. Tours on Indochina

Pho in Hanoi

Pho in Hanoi- source: internet

With the lack of fat, dairy and additives, along with a focus on fresh ingredients and zingy flavor, Asian cuisine in general and Southeast Asian one in particular, on the whole is much more healthy than Western food. If rice and vegetables do not sound particularly tempting, some flavors such as soy sauce or nuoc mam (fish sauce) can be added for a bit of a kick. Not only mostly associated as an accompaniment to Chinese cuisine, vegetable fried rice is also popular in the Far East Asia, the South as well as Southeast Asia.  Made up of a usually meat-based broth with vegetables, herbs and spices, Pho is essentially a noodle soup making it the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine. Depending on the area or even the different restaurants in the same area in Vietnam you go for Pho, you can enjoy Pho made with distinct varieties or mixes of herbs, giving each a slightly unique flavor.

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Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice- source: internet

Grill is one of the healthiest ways to eat fish. The Vietnamese grilled fish version, which is aromatic, rich in flavor and super moist, is a fine illustration of why, in some cases, less is more. Additionally, this dish also has another layer of richness thanks to the banana leaf’s own flavor and aroma. Taste once and you will never forget this amazing dish. Even though the vegetables, sauce and protein can vary, most stir fries consist of a wide variety of ingredients such as garlic, chili, ginger, soy sauce and fish sauce.  It will not be nearly as rich in sugar or fat as Western palates are used to, they do enjoy a slightly more extravagant dessert. Even though chopsticks are not exactly a food, studies have shown that on a whole less food is consumed if you eat food with chopsticks. Southeast Asian cuisine, on the whole is much healthier than Western food. Let’s take a look at some of the healthiest food coming from this continent.



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Enjoy Banh Troi in Vietnam

In Hanoi, you can enjoy food almost all time and even the most difficult eater can be satisfied there. I am a food lover, so discovering new food to me is a must whenever I visit a new country. If you do not believe me, maybe let’s have a look at this series about places having delicious and cheap food in Hanoi. In previous chapters, I have mentioned many tasty dishes made of 2 special noodles, bun and pho. Many of my friends are sweet teeth, so we can gather together and find new places offering wonderful dessert. Here is our best list. Vietnam travel online
Banh troi in Vietnam

Banh Troi in Vietnam -source: internet

Basically, like many Asian countries, most of Vietnamese sweeties are made of sticky rice or its powder. In previous chapters, I have mentioned many tasty dishes made of 2 special noodles, bun and pho.

On that day, people often eat Troi Cake and Chay Cake. Troi cake is a ball of sticky rice powder with palm sugar inside.

Chay Cake is similar to Troi cake, but instead of palm sugar, it is filled with mung bean or green bean paste. The sweetness from sugar, the stickiness of glutinous dough, and the rich, nutty flavor of sesame can make you eat the dish unstoppably.

Banh Troi ngu sac

Banh Troi Ngu Sac

When they are well cooked, they will be floating on the water so it also has other name which is Floating Cake. You can find those foods in many street vendors appearing in almost every corner in Hanoi. It is small but always crowded. The price range is from 15000 VND to 30000 VND per dish.  The second one is located near Ham Long Church. It takes quite a bit of time to walk from the centre to there, but if you have scooter, your iron horse will bring you there in just 10 minutes. My friends love it but I think they have too much of sugar. The second one is located near Ham Long Church.  You can find Sua Chua Nep Cam in mostly café and dessert shops, especially the ones for teenagers. In Giang Café, which is famous for egg coffee also offers this lovely food.

Hanoian loves food, generation after generation, so it is easy to understand why there are always new sweeties in this ancient city. The thing I like most is Sua Chua Nep Cam (Yoghurt with Black Sticky Rice).  Since this food provides a lot of fiber and many nutrients from dark brown (black) rice and yoghurt, I can happily and peacefully enjoy it without feeling deeply regret later.

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Top things to need do in Bac Ha market

This area is located at the end of the Bac Ha market on a high hill separate from the brocade, food or fresh food. Here you can see people trading from dogs, chickens and pigs to cattle. You can visit Sapa with: Sapa homestay tours

the beauty of Sapa

Bac Ha Market is a typical market of the northwestern mountains. Coming to Bac Ha market on Sunday morning you can enjoy delicious food, buy beautiful souvenirs, and get to know the special culture of ethnic people here.
Thang is not only a typical dish of Bac Ha but also a typical dish of the North West. Pork steak in the corner of the market is always attractive to visitors when the market. With this dish there may be people who do not dare to eat but once tasted the taste will not forget.

Have breakfast with sour soup

A typical dish of this upland area is sour soup. The dining area of ​​Bac Ha Market has a lot of noodle soup. A bowl of phở full of sour meat, herbs, sour bean soup … cost about 20 thousand.

Eat snack
From 7am, there are many bakeries in Bac Ha market. From the main entrance to the market, visitors will find over-the-top cakes on both sides of the street as well as in the market. Here each type of cake is priced below 5000 VND.

enjoy Thang co in Bac Ha market

enjoy Thang co in Bac Ha market- source: internet

At the gate of the market there are lots of ornamental plants and orchids in different categories. All are very beautiful and cost only a few dozen to a hundred thousand. River on Mekong

Buy herbs, medicinal plants
The medicinal plants such as trionychid turtles, jackfruit, Ha tay … are harvested locally from all over the region brought to the market for sale, so visitors can buy or use as gifts for friends, Relatives have a very good effect.

Chat, take pictures with natives

They are ethnic minorities who have only one opportunity per week to go shopping in order to get dressed up, to shop and shop for items that are available. Visitors come here to enjoy exploring life as well as having the opportunity to photograph, interact with native people.
Buy souvenirs made from brocade
Bac Ha Market has a large area for selling Brocade. Brocade of Bac Ha people not only make the items serve daily life but also create many unique souvenirs to meet the needs of visitors.

Enjoy the corn wine

One of the famous wines of the North West is Ban Pho corn wine – specialty of H’Mong people, Dao in Bac Ha. The corn wine sales are concentrated in the brocade so you can not drink the wine also feel lonely by the smell of yeast wine occasionally.

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Come to Vietnam to visit the ancient beauty

Hoi An is always one of the musts – visit attractions in Vietnam. Hoi An’s markets are one of those. The traditional market is one of the destinations which attract tourists the most along with other famous scenic places.Hoi An market vary in products from fresh foods, staples, to dry goods, fabrics, and so much more. Hoi An market, you can find almost dishes at the most affordable price such as Cao Lau, Pho, sticky rice, Che (Vietnamese sweet desert), and a lot of other great dishes. The local people is really nice and friendly. The food is so cheap and delicious. For more information about Hoian, you can access: best mekong delta tour
hoian in Tet holidays

hoian in Tet holidays- source: internet

The unique feature of early Cam Nam bridge market is that it takes place from 3- 4 hours only, starting at 1 am to 4 or 5 am, the busiest time is at 3 am and trade people in the market is full of women mostly from middle-aged and older. If you want to buy the freshest seafood, Thanh Ha market is a great place to go. Previously, Thanh Ha market is in Hoi An market but was later transferred to Thanh Ha to ensure urban landscape.

Hoian in summer

Hoian in summer- source: internet

Nguyen Hoang night market is always an attractive place for tourist due to its beauty of many stores with different goods. At here, you can find various products such as lanterns, handicraft items, Thanh Ha pottery, and street food. When you travel to Hoi An, do not miss any chance to visit 4 these markets.  The most crowded are 1 to 4 am. Previously, Thanh Ha market is in Hoi An market but was later transferred to Thanh Ha to ensure urban landscape. Come to Hoi An and explore Hoi An’s market along with many other attractions make your trip much more complete. Just experience and enjoy!

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Travel to Hoian to enjoy “Banh my”

Although it is just a snack, but bread is a dish that requires a very elaborate processing, with many different stages. Only when held on this hot bread with many inside you feel. See how attractive this dish is. Without one of the inner ingredients, the loaf of bread loses its delicious flavor.

The most important part of the sandwich is bread. Bread to make sandwiches must be fresh wheat flour and kept hot, to ensure the brittle but not too hard of the crust and softness of wheat flour inside. Instead of using cold meats like other places, Hoi An bread uses only spiced meat, cooked soft. Beside meat, pate is also the ingredient that contributes to the flavor of Hoi An bread.  You can read more: le cochinchine cruise

Banh My Phuong in Hoian

Banh My Phuong in Hoian- source: internet

The process of pate processing is also very successful, when the pate oven must ensure fat, soft, not too dry and smell good. There are also hand-picked butter from chicken eggs and golden, greasy and melted oils; There are also accompanying materials such as pork chops, salami, ham … raw vegetables, papaya squeeze will make bread not bored; Different from meat sauce in other places, the sauce here is partly from meat flesh, taste more taste to the mouth, so that has great sweet taste.

Banh my

Banh my- source: internet

The arrangement of ingredients in each pie seems to be well calculated and arranged by the seller in a very orderly manner. The arrangement and mixing of all the ingredients has come to Hoi An bread a distinct flavor that no one else has. In addition, the colors are also extremely lively, fascinating by the colors of the ingredients. Blue, red, white, yellow … you can not hold back before a dish smells charming and attractive again.

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Top street food in Ta Hien you don’t miss

Not only fried potatoes, cheese cheese, Ta Ta street also many other delicious dishes such as grilled little birds, vermicelli, beef noodle …
Only about 100 meters long, Ta Hien has long been known as the favorite hangout in the Old Quarter, especially at night. But it’s not just night time, this neighborhood has just begun, because in fact there are many good eateries, attracting customers. for more information you can view:  Pelican cruise halong bay
Bun Bo Nam Bo
People are familiar with beer, snacks, rice noodles, nem chua, chips that forget that there is a noodle soup in the city. tasty. The restaurant has quite small space, sitting on the sidewalk, the most identifiable feature is the smell of garlic and pineapple aromatic in the street corner.
bun bo nam bo

bun bo nam bo- source: internet

Bun Moc

Little one knows that in the middle of the busy Ta Thieu Street there is a small bun boom in the old house. You do not have to see the signboard of the restaurant but just see two pots of water used to think that smoke is already in place.

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bun Moc

bun Moc- source: internet

Grilled chicken

One of the most famous dishes on this street is roasted chicken. Consists of nearly 20 years, specializing in roasted quail. Beef before baking, so that the birds soaked spices, the owner must marinate birds at least 5 hours before baking on the charcoal.

grilled chicken

grilled chicken- source: internet

On Ta Ta Street there are many bars serving on cast iron pan. This is a fascinating dish in winter because it keeps the heat. Beef, noodles are marinated in spices and then grilled to grilled cast iron pan with pieces of gold chips.