Travel to Hoian to enjoy “Banh my”

Although it is just a snack, but bread is a dish that requires a very elaborate processing, with many different stages. Only when held on this hot bread with many inside you feel. See how attractive this dish is. Without one of the inner ingredients, the loaf of bread loses its delicious flavor.

The most important part of the sandwich is bread. Bread to make sandwiches must be fresh wheat flour and kept hot, to ensure the brittle but not too hard of the crust and softness of wheat flour inside. Instead of using cold meats like other places, Hoi An bread uses only spiced meat, cooked soft. Beside meat, pate is also the ingredient that contributes to the flavor of Hoi An bread.  You can read more: le cochinchine cruise

Banh My Phuong in Hoian

Banh My Phuong in Hoian- source: internet

The process of pate processing is also very successful, when the pate oven must ensure fat, soft, not too dry and smell good. There are also hand-picked butter from chicken eggs and golden, greasy and melted oils; There are also accompanying materials such as pork chops, salami, ham … raw vegetables, papaya squeeze will make bread not bored; Different from meat sauce in other places, the sauce here is partly from meat flesh, taste more taste to the mouth, so that has great sweet taste.

Banh my

Banh my- source: internet

The arrangement of ingredients in each pie seems to be well calculated and arranged by the seller in a very orderly manner. The arrangement and mixing of all the ingredients has come to Hoi An bread a distinct flavor that no one else has. In addition, the colors are also extremely lively, fascinating by the colors of the ingredients. Blue, red, white, yellow … you can not hold back before a dish smells charming and attractive again.

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