Top 5 delicious food not miss in Halong

Quang Ninh is famous not only scenic Ha Long Bay, but also attracted by the wealth of seafood dishes from the very ‘top’.
Seafood City by the Bay Halong / Halong Bay become ideal destinations by boat
Travelling is not merely sightseeing, sightseeing, but also an opportunity to explore the cuisine there. Here are the foods you should not be overlooked when coming to the coastal city of Ha Long. Halong Dragon Pearl cruise

Noodle and seafood pancake

Noodle and seafood pancake

Noodle and seafood pancake -source: internet

Recently seafood noodle dish is very popular in restaurants in Hanoi. However, when eaten in Halong, make sure you will have a completely different feel. Seafood pancake bun or in Halong are suitable for breakfast. A bowl of noodles or seafood pancake full of about 40,000 will be shrimp, crab meat (or tickle period), surface appearance, fried fish, vegetables (or parsley). Noodles, seafood pancake served with raw vegetables very harmonious blend between the sweetness of the broth with the salad bar’s cool. Ha Long Bay, you can easily find the seafood restaurant. Some well-known address on fresh seafood and delicious noodles that you can refer to the path bar at the top of Hai Van company in the Northeast, seafood noodle bar at the top of the White Bridge – Ha Tu …


 Grilled sea sam

Grilled sea sam

Sam is processed into many dishes such as sweet and sour, do rolls, egg sam … very strange and delicious food. But Sam is taking welding seafood so if you have a “history” with allergies, cold or stomach to eat seafood, do not eat or only little. Address sam most famous Halong is now in lane 6 Sam Ms. Cao Thang Snake. Afternoon snacks in the market area of Ha Long 1 also has a sweet and sour crab legs sales, sam … quite delicious rolls. A further address that is also pretty famous Quang Yen sam, located on the stretch of road from Ha Long to Hanoi. Sam is now quite expensive sea, an average sam discs cost about 150,000 dong.

Chao Trai

Chao trai

Chao trai -source: internet

Son porridge is very famous snacks, porridge Halong son is gruel cooked with clams in the sea so it will be quite different from what you eat in Hanoi son porridge, which is kind of freshwater mussels, live in the river. Son porridge served with scallions, chopped vessel odor, shallots and a very fragrant, daily. Location porridge tasty clams that you should look at the market as Halong 1. Go from the street, the building site Vietcombank into the first bar on the left. Patiso shop selling bread (buns knee) are also very tasty. At the market junk Halong 2nd row also has a son also very delicious porridge, sold a long time ago. Price per bowl of porridge with both boys quẩy around 15000-20000 contract. Pelican cruise halong

fried snails

Sure to Halong you can not ignore the real dish. Snack is fried snails the locals are very popular, the affordable price, just hovering around 35,000 dong / disk depending on type. You should eat fried snails to sidewalk cafes, will feel more comfortable and delicious rustic processing. Snails sautéed with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce, coconut … very delicious and addictive. In Halong there are many types of buildings to choose from, the most popular are snails cigarettes, sucking snail, snail …

You can refer to the address: Building shop in the alley next to the old Quang Ninh Museum (on Nguyen Van Cu), in the lane with 2 bars are very crowded and equal quality, mainly sold to students so prices relatively cheap. Shop sidewalk snail Van Lang, this restaurant is very tasty fried snails however slightly higher price than the average. The real shop in Halong majority served boiled snails, fried and grilled. Also if you want to eat oysters can also enjoy always at these addresses.

Cake rolls with Cha muc

Cake rolls with Cha muc

Cake rolls with Cha muc -source: internet

Rolls are probably ubiquitous, but fried squid served with perhaps only here. The taste of this dish depends heavily on fresh squid patties, felt when biting into close proximity, crunchy fresh ink. Again the sauce, which is mixed with the sour taste of lemon bars and spicy chili spicy taste. Ink rolls delicious cakes especially when just finished coated still hot sprinkle some dried onion. Ink rolls cake shop is said to be the pioneer in Halong Bank shop right next to the theater she Bach. Price ranges between 40,000 VND / productivity.


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