Top street food in Ta Hien you don’t miss

Not only fried potatoes, cheese cheese, Ta Ta street also many other delicious dishes such as grilled little birds, vermicelli, beef noodle …
Only about 100 meters long, Ta Hien has long been known as the favorite hangout in the Old Quarter, especially at night. But it’s not just night time, this neighborhood has just begun, because in fact there are many good eateries, attracting customers. for more information you can view:  Pelican cruise halong bay
Bun Bo Nam Bo
People are familiar with beer, snacks, rice noodles, nem chua, chips that forget that there is a noodle soup in the city. tasty. The restaurant has quite small space, sitting on the sidewalk, the most identifiable feature is the smell of garlic and pineapple aromatic in the street corner.
bun bo nam bo

bun bo nam bo- source: internet

Bun Moc

Little one knows that in the middle of the busy Ta Thieu Street there is a small bun boom in the old house. You do not have to see the signboard of the restaurant but just see two pots of water used to think that smoke is already in place.

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bun Moc

bun Moc- source: internet

Grilled chicken

One of the most famous dishes on this street is roasted chicken. Consists of nearly 20 years, specializing in roasted quail. Beef before baking, so that the birds soaked spices, the owner must marinate birds at least 5 hours before baking on the charcoal.

grilled chicken

grilled chicken- source: internet

On Ta Ta Street there are many bars serving on cast iron pan. This is a fascinating dish in winter because it keeps the heat. Beef, noodles are marinated in spices and then grilled to grilled cast iron pan with pieces of gold chips.