Top 3 local food in Myanmar

Although Myanmar when you travel heritage line cuisine from affected countries such as China, India and Thailand, but this dish retains the distinctive look. Here are 7 delicacies that tourists can not miss qqua Myanmar in his tour.
1. Salad Leaf Tea

Salad Leaf Tea

Salad Leaf Tea- source: internet

One of the most distinctive dishes of Myanmar is lephet – fermented tea leaves. The tea leaves are used to prepare salads and tea leaves are used to snacking, eating well with rice or appetizers.
The tea leaves are slightly bitter and mixed with julienne cabbage, beans, oil, garlic and slices of garlic, spicy peppers to create a special salad. However if you can eat too much lost sleep like the tea you drink too much so.

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2. Curries


Curries- source: internet

Visit the Myanmar traditional restaurant you can not only eat, but also to experience the exciting cuisine. just like you are enjoying Myanmar curries.
As is known, mostly dishes made from curry, but you can eat with beef, pork, seafood or lamb. Curry restaurant in the ch Muslims won, Myanmar curries are served with salad, beans and vegetables.

3. Fish Bun mohinga

Fish Bun mohinga

Fish Bun mohinga- source: internet

Bun Bun is the kind of fish was it in your soups fish, many people considered the national dish of the people of Myanmar. The main material for this article is the chickpea flour, catfish cooked in soups and roasted rice drunk along with a wide variety of spices such as onion, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and fish sauce …

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